Treatments for the Face


Younger Face Express

A complete therapy. (For anti-Aging, Acne or Hyperpigmentation ) 90 to 120 Minutes

Diagnostic examination of the skin is a preliminary must before treatment.

Superficial and deep cleansing (extractions) are performed manually or if necessary, with a crystal vacuum in some cases. Exfoliation of the corneal layers of the skin through digestive enzymes. (We do not use acids). Vapozone, Organic Nutrients, Oxigenation. All these techniques are used to prepare the skin for penetration of anti-aging products used during and after our treatment. Massage for muscle toning, relaxation and stimulation, as well as lymph drainage and accupressure, given to improve circulation of the face. Penetration of creams and oils are achieved through special currents, pulverization, masks and corrective substances.

These procedures restore and give a youthful and healthy appearance to the face. In few months your skin will be fully renovated as we enhance the osmosis (natural renovation of the skin) to be perfect.

Products used in this therapy are according to your needs and according to your specific condition. This is our most famous and most requested facial therapy because of the great results obtained in such a sort time. Ideal for an special occasion and to prevent the aging process of the skin.

Eternale (through Quantum Energy) Anti-Aging, Anti-stress

Scalarwave Laser (Through Quantum energy)


Hydration Facials: ( 60 minutes)

Superficial and deep cleansing (15 minutes of extractions) Vapozone, Relaxing & stimulating massage, High Frequency, Mask.

Hydration Facial + Lifting Mask

Same as previous facial plus a special lifting mask. Allow 30 minutes extra for mask.


Deep penetration of natural substances to nourish, hydrate, oil control and stimulation of facial tissues. These substances are packed in an ampule form. These bio-ionic products are deep penetrated through special bio-currents

Hydration Facial + Treatment Veil

According to condition to be treated, we recommend proper veil to be used. (Collagene, Collastine, Allantoin, Aloe Vera, Phyto-Vit, Azulene, Pamplemouse, etc). a very good source for epidermal hydration.

Biolift Treatment

30 Minutes connected to our Biolift Equipment. Aromatherapy vapozone, Treatment Mask. This therapy produce relaxation of facial muscles, lymph drainage, cell reproduction stimulation and tightening of tissues.

Myolift treatment

Facial muscles relaxation, lymph drainage, cellular stimulation, superficial and deep muscles tonification.

Pulse Youth Light

Look younger and healthier from the very first treatment. Erase signs of aging: wrinkles, lines and folds, age spots and sun damage; coarse skin and large pores, unsightly blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads, dilated capillaries and rosacea. Improves texture and complexion of the skin.This treatment is given by light only.

Benefits of the Procedure:Increases Collagene production; created more skin moisture to help fill-out the skin. Increases circulation, providing a healthier skin tone. Restores the skin's natural cellular (collagen) activity. Reduces melanin production, wich causes brown age spots. Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin.

Acne Control

Deep cleansingof the skin, detoxification. special products with effective ingredients agains impurities. Available treatments for children 12 years or more and for men or women who suffersa non-healthy condition. A complete therapy is advised for these type of conditions.

Revitalizing Factors

EGF and Biotonic. A combination of revitalizing factors that encourage the skin to renew, repair and revitalize itself. All natural, hypoallergenic active ingredients are essential to the building blocks of the skin to reduce the appearance of signs of aging.

Electrodyn for the Face

Interferential curents are used for muscle tonification and skin firmness. Excellent for chin and neck areas.


Circulatory stimulation, tonification and cutaneous hydration is accomplished through this method.

Natural Choice of Peelings

Glycolimers, Ultra Peel I & II, AE peel (6 days peel), Pumpkin Beta, Vita-C Blits, Vegetable Peel, Anti-Aging peel, Laboratories uses: Esthederm, France; Dr. Renaud, France; Physician's Choice, U.S.A.; Innosearch, Spain.

Creamy Micro-Dermabrassion

This treatment replace the conventional sand micro-dermabrassion. It is more gentle to the skin. comfortable and through this method we avoid fatigue to cells as we revitalize them in each session.


It is a simple treatment, non-surgical procedure that smoothes deep persistent lines between eye-brows, forehead and lines around eyes that develop over time. One ten minute treatment, a fea tin injections, relaxes the muscles that cause those lines to form and keeps them relaxes up to four months.

Hialuronic Acid or DHEA

To give health to the skin. A type of mesotherapy with or without needles.


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